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    Decommissioning | IT Relocation

  • Eol-trading manage some of the largest IT Installation , IT Decommissioning and IT Relocation projects in the UK. We have a team of skilled engineers who can attend your site and provide a full suite of installation decommissioning and relocation services.

    We can decommission your hardware ready to be relocated or for IT Asset disposal and data destruction services,
    We are able to prepare your new equipment, deploying custom software and images onto the new equipment to be installed ready to use.


  • We are able to install directly to the desk new equipment or relocate existing equipment.

    Our skilled team of I.T Engineers have experience installing servers, data centres, computers, laptops, audio visual equipment and printing equipment ready to be used the customer.

    We have managed and deployed large scale projects within major companies throughout the UK.

    This service can be tied in with our redeployment and decommissioning service so we can literally manage the whole refresh cycle.


  • With our service you no longer discard used I.T assets you can redeploy them to other staff members or roles and we take care of the whole process for you!

    Let us take care of your I.T.

    I.T asset management and redeployment can be a time consuming process that very rarely is cost effective to perform internally for any business. Our service will take this problem and turn it into a solution that will save time money and man power.

    Save money and time.

    Sometimes there is no need to buy new IT equipment for your business when you already have the equipment ready to use. Many companies assume buying new equipment is the answer. Our Redeployment service will transform used IT equipment to like new. We have the ability to literally collect from a desk refurbish and redeploy as if it was a new asset to its new location at your workplace.


  • We are able to decommission IT equipment, Let us take care of your end of life cycle or relocation. We can decommission user terminals, computers, laptops, printing equipment, servers and data centres and cabling.

    This makes way for the new equipment to be installed or relocated. Our IT Engineers are skilled and experienced in IT Installation and have proved ourselves on numerous high profile computer roll out projects across the UK.


Secure Data Services

All data handled by us is contained
with in one of the most secure systems and infrastructure in the UK.

Antivirus & Threat Detection

Remotely managed Antivirus systems ensure your endpoints
are safe and active threat detection mitigates data breach risks,

Per Desk, Per User

Our managed support is highly scalable, designed to remain cost effective with a constant level of high quality service.

Managed Backups

Backups managed remotely with schedules that maximise productivity, with data stored in ISO 27001 systems & facilities.

Managed I.T Support

Our own full time, UK based support technicians provide a fast knowledge-base of support when required with our intuitive ticketing system.

Change Management

Our account managers are qualified to facilitate any change requirements relating to all information systems.

PRINCE2 Practitioners

Our account managers are also PRINCE2 Practitioners and can provide a flexible, adaptive framework for any project thrown at them.

Site Audits

Our technicians and service delivery managers will provide frequent on-site audits to ensure our systems are optimised to your workflow.